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North Morgan, Exit Through The Wound, Limehouse Books



You know Konrad from your various social feeds – sun kissed, gym ripped and always having a better time than you. Or is he?

Konrad Platt needed to get out of town. Heartbroken after his boyfriend left him for another man, Konrad abandoned his life in London for the warm sun and blue surf of LA. Here he attends parties in the Hollywood Hills filled with handsome men and beautiful women, snorts mountains of Adderall, and dances the weekends away at Coachella with each move endlessly documented on social media. He mends his broken heart through dating apps, constantly scrolling through profiles and chatting with a seemingly endless supply of men, each one handsomer than the last. But when one captures his heart, a twisted modern romance takes root that’s thrilling, confusing, and devastating – revealing that underneath this perfectly curated profile is a man desperate for real connection.

In Into? North Morgan shines a coolly mesmerizing light on the modern generation of gay men that are living firmly outside the closet, freed from the shadow of AIDS and elevated by popular culture, but plagued by a new set of problems, insecurities and self-destructions. As the men of Into? swipe right from bed to bed, North Morgan spins a darkly hilarious, and shockingly perceptive story of excess and love that’s like nothing you’ve ever read.

Highlights of My Last Regret, North Morgan, Writer
Highlights of my Last Regret
Highlights of My Last Regret is a satire focusing on the lives of privileged young Americans from the West Coast.
It's primarily an account of the turbulent relationship between 24-year-old Parke (the beautiful but cruel offspring of Maine and Sadie from Exit Through The Wound) and his girlfriend Ryan (a smart, vulnerable girl from small-town America) and the effects its ups and downs have on each of their lives.
The story is written from Parke's perspective with the intention to give a jarring, uncomfortable to read, but hopefully captivating insight into a character with an unusual moral centre


Exit Through the Wound

Maine Hudson has a high tolerance for pharmaceuticals and a low tolerance for everything and everyone else.This includes his Greek parents, who bankroll his glorious isolation in London. This includes his career as a consultant, his clients, his boss, the majority of his colleagues and people he sees on the way to work. This includes the dumb model boyfriend of the American girl that he has decided to fall in love with. This includes her also.


When Maine fails to obliterate himself through drug overdoses, the obsessive changing of his legal name and half-hearted thoughts of suicide, it falls to his central nervous system to pick up the challenge of trying to kill him off.

Can Maine survive with his lack of values intact?

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